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Acting Natural [Open/Intro]

This really wasn’t anything new at all, you could say it was actually kind of normal. The only weird thing was not remembering how she got here in the first place. Well it wasn’t so bad, though she was sure she’d never been here before, whatever this planet was called. She was easily able to tell this wasn’t Earth and not her home planet either. The main problems being; one she was starving and two being surrounded by all these trees was annoying! She couldn’t see anything! Bending down slightly before taking a huge leap into the air shooting above the tree tops to get a better view of the place. While in mid air she got a pretty good look at the place, the most noticeable thing being a giant tree in the distance, maybe that was a good place to start? She doubted a tree would offer any kind of nice food though.

From her current position she spotted villages of some kind, well that’d do! She wondered what sort of life was on this planet, not that it really mattered as long as she could understand the inhabitance and they offered nice food. “Hey Tsutomu~ lets check out that village, they’d better have something good to eat! Hey Tsutomu!” There was no response…that was the third weird thing. Was he asleep? No she’d know if he was, this was weird! It was like they were back to normal, when he got his body back. There was something seriously strange about this planet. 

"Hmmm…this is weird maybe if I-" she paused as she neared the ground once again, almost out of the forest, except this time she wasn’t alone. "Ah! A human!" She exclaimed placing her hand over her mouth before falling straight through the trees. With quick reflexes she managed to tap the device on her arm changing her appearance to that of ‘Shion’ her Earth persona. If humans were around she’d better play it safe, not that she looked inhuman but she didn’t exactly look normal either. Falling through the trees and landing with a thump right in front of the human she’d seen from above.

"Ow, ow, ow! That hurt~!" She moaned as she rubbed her back almost forgetting the person she’d almost landed on. Staring up at them before laughing sheepishly as she suddenly jumped to her feet raising her hand to her forehead. Just act natural…

"Excuse me I’m lost could you tell me where this is sir please?" She asked her voice sounding a little robotic and rather unnatural as it did when she put on the Shion personality…so much for acting natural.

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[ you should probably talk to the mods about this. i`m playing an alien as well, and i`ve been playing her true to her alien characteristics so :V ]

// Thats probably a good idea~ I just wanted to check because I just like how she can just jump really high xD //

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Mm, I’m sure all stats are miniscule and she wouldn’t be as strong as she normally would be outside the village?))

// I figured that’d be the case, its more to do with her resistance to things though rather than her physical power that I was thinking about so I just wanted to check. C: //

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ooc; I’m not entirely sure best ask the mods to be safe! Since she was created with those attributes I’m not sure I think they’d be muted or not as effective while in villages maybe?

// Thats how I was gonna play it since say; she was moving something really heavy that a normal human couldn’t how muted would it be and would she be able to at all? Or if someone hit her how effected would she be by it? I think I’m over thinking it, maybe she should just go live in the forest… xD //

// Before asking the mods I just wanted to ask something if any of you guys know. I know in the villages and stuff you can’t use powers, Birdy is an ‘alien’ and her species specifically have above human level strength, speed ect ect. So in the villages that’d be muted right? Even though they aren’t her powers so to speak it’s just how she is. I have gone over the FAQ but I probably missed something but I just wanted to make sure that was correct. (⌒_⌒;) //

hide and seek — open



To be blunt, this place fucking reeked from every direction. The scents that came from the city were practically tear-enducing and while the individual villages weren’t any better, the feral aerialist held a crouch atop his designated hut. He didn’t know his current location, where his precious Misla Gnis was located or what happened between now and his latest attempt to kidnap his savory bride, but he was pretty damn pissed about it.

A fist beat itself in frustration against the (rather low) apex below, while the other swiped again and again at the underside of his nose, trying to rid it of the foul stench of what would be his new homeland. He wouldn’t mind so much if one of these belonged to his wench, but none were really familiar to him…which only fed his tantrum.

Eventually bounding from his spot, he landed on another rooftop, then another, and another with lemur-like — monkey-like precision before standing at full height and bellowing out (despite not being satisfied with this view either):

WHERE’S MY DAMN WENCH?! Like the most rancorous, featherless rooster. While we’re doing animal comparisons anyway. Stomping a foot in an effort to further garner attention, gold irises shot about wildly in search of someone brave enough to offer insight. “BRING HER TO ME NOW. I WANT TO HOLD HER CLOSE, CLOSE ENOUGH TO CHOKE THE AIR OUT OF HER LUNGS AND CRUSH HER BONES WITH THESE HANDS. WHERE ARE YOU HIDING, MY SYLLLLLLLLLLLPHIEEEEEEEE?!” Cockadoodledoo, village of strength.

She was still rather confused to say the least since she landed here she couldn’t get in contact with anyone! Not to mention Tsutomu was no longer inhabiting her body, man! None of this was making sense. She’d eventually been led to this Village of Strength where she was supposed to be staying…she guessed she’d stayed in worser places. Well whatever as long as it had a bed she didn’t care right now, she’d figure this all out tomorrow.

Unfortunately her morning hadn’t exactly gone to plan, firstly being woken up by some horrible shouting, now she was just annoyed. Stepping outside the hut she’d been resigned to in time for more shouting from a red headed man standing on top of one of the roofs.

"Man! It’s way too early for this…" She muttered to herself, what gave this guy the right to go shouting around like a lunatic? If he’d lost someone there were quieter ways to go about it. Not that she was one to talk but at least she knew how to keep a low profile…well at least somewhat. "OI! Keep it down! Some of us are still trying to sleep!" She yelled up as she shook her fist, damn humans were so irrational sometimes. How was she supposed to figure this world out with some guy screaming his head off?  

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